Sara Ekenstierna, BSc MSc Psychology


Sara Ekenstierna is founder of Ekenstierna Psykologkonsult and Oakstar Coaching & Consulting. She was educated at Lund University in Sweden and at University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. She is a licensed psychologist in Sweden, with practice in Malmo City.

Psychologist Sara Ekenstierna

Sara has fifteen years’ worth of experience in the field, spanning private practice, psychiatry and organizational psychology.  She is currently a PhD research candidate at the University of Queensland. Sara’s research topics include health and wellbeing, authentic living, self-actualization and transcendence. She is specifically interested in relational thought, existential-integrative perspectives including quantum existentialism and humanistic psychodynamic theory,  non-duality and mystical philosophy. Read more: ResearchGate. For enquires in Australia visit: Oakstar Coaching & Consulting or Psychology Today. Note that Sara is not a registered psychologist in Australia. 

Sara focuses on evidence-treatments, underpinned by Existential-Integrative Therapy; Humanistic Psychoanalysis; STDP (short term psychodynamic therapy); ACT (acceptance commitment therapy); and Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy.

Sara is a published writer. She was a columnist for the popular Swedish professional magazine Psykologtidningen. Her work is also published in the daily newspaper Skanska Dagbladet, on LinkedIn, YouTube and on online sites such as the The Psychology Network, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, and Positive Psychology and Spirituality: The Crossroads.


Sara Ekenstierna är legitimerad psykolog med praktik i Malmö City. Hon var tidigare krönikör på Psykologtidingen och är f n forsknings doktorand på University of Queensland i Australien, med en avhandling på ämnet själv-aktualisering i psykoterapi. Läs mer: ResearchGate.

Sara har 15 års erfarenhet i branchen, huvudsakligen från privat praktik och psykiatri, men även från organisatorisk psykologi. Sara är utbildad vid Lunds Universitet och vid University of Victoria i British Columbia, Kanada. Hennes expertis är inom evidens baserade korttidsbehandlingar som bygger på: Existential-Integrative Therapy; Humanistic Psychodynamic theory; STDP (short term psychodynamic therapy); ACT (acceptance commitment therapy); och Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy.

Sara har en särskild passion för arbete med: hälsa och välmående; relationer; själv-aktualisering; kriser; förändringsprocesser; personlig och professionell utveckling.

Pga av resor i anslutning till nuvarande forskning ser Sara f n bara svenska klienter online.

Läs mer om Sara Ekenstierna: Psykologiguiden, Therapy Route, Bokapsykolog och Teraply.

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