Art Exhibition ‘Mirrors of the Mind 12: The Therapist as Artist’

Virtual Gallery opening 12 November @ 6 pm PST. Learn more here

Artwork by Judy Todd, PhD. LACPA Mirrors of the Mind

Event: Los Angeles County Psychological Association (LACPA)

About Sara Ekenstierna

Sara Ekenstierna is founder of Ekenstierna Psykologkonsult and Oakstar Coaching & Consulting. She is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Sweden and has fifteen years of experience in the field, mainly from short term dynamic therapy, underpinned by existential psychology. Sara is a published writer. She was a columnist for the popular Swedish professional magazine Psykologtidningen. Sara’s research interests include health and wellbeing, authentic living, self-becoming and transcendence. She is specifically interested in relational thought, existential-integrative perspectives including quantum existentialism and humanistic psychodynamic theory, wholeness and mystical philosophy.

09. November 2023 by Sara Ekenstierna
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