Love & Psychoanalysis. Author: Sara Ekenstierna

About Sara Ekenstierna

Sara Ekenstierna is founder of Ekenstierna Psykologkonsult and Oakstar Coaching & Consulting. She was educated at Lund University in Sweden and at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. She is a licensed psychologist in Sweden and has fifteen years’ worth of experience in the field, mainly from private practice. Sara is a published writer. She was a columnist for the popular Swedish professional magazine Psykologtidningen. Her work is also published in the daily newspaper Skanska Dagbladet, on LinkedIn, YouTube and on online sites such as the The Psychology Network, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, and Positive Psychology and Spirituality: The Crossroads. Sara’s research topics include health and wellbeing, authentic living, self-development and self-transcendence. She is specifically interested in relational thought, psychodynamic theory, existential philosophy, phenomenology, spirituality and mysticism.

11. June 2021 by Sara Ekenstierna
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